Sim can’t use bed


My Sim won’t sleep in their bed. They stand in front of it and waves as if something was in the way or they’re just teleported away.


  • All Sims that sleep when you install a new patch/add-on are reset from their beds. In some cases this causes the beds to become corrupt.
  • Twallan’s SleepFreedom Mod can corrupt your bed (and Sim) if you don’t uninstall it properly
  • Since Patch 1.22 corrupt sleep outfits and stuck Hover Bed moodlet can cause this.
  • Sims that are in a relationship with another Sims that is currently out of town (Boarding school, Free Vacation, Simport, Ghost that doesn’t haunt, homeless Sim) cause the game to glitch if they try to sleep in a double bed. The game tries to assign the partner to the bed as well and fails.


  • Replace the bed. If that doesn’t help, move the Sim out and back in
  • Reset all Sims in your town before removing SleepFreedom.
  • Change your Sims sleep outfit.
  • Remove the hover bed moodlet from your Sim or let the Sim take a nap on it.
  • Let your Sim sleep in a single bed while the partner is away.

Mods that help with the issue

  • ErrorTrap can repair broken objects.
  • Use ForceReset on DebugEnabler to reset the object.

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