Error,  Launcher,  Origin

Unable to connect to Origin


I get the message:

  • Unable to connect to Origin
  • Unable to connect to the EA Download Manager


This problem is caused by the launcher not being able to find the Origin client on your computer.

  • You do not have the Origin client installed on your computer
  • The client installed on your computer is not up-to-date
  • A program (such as an Antivirus Program) or the firewall is blocking the connection
  • Your Origin Account is not connected to your account
  • You’ve changed your Email Address and now the game has troubles with certain files that store your Email address
  • Server Issues on EA side


  • Reinstall Origin
  • Download the newest version of Origin
  • Re-Open the Origin client and make sure there aren’t any updates available
  • Programs that may cause conflicts with Origin
  • To make sure, you’re Origin and account is connected go to your MyAccount on the Origin Website and check if your account is connected. They should auto-connect if you’re using the same email address. Your username should show under game-specific identities if they are connected properly
  • Try starting the client and log into that and maybe even start Internet Explorer and log into your Origin account on the THEN start the game
  • Download the beta version of Origin.
  • Restart Computer and Origin
This is not really a game breaking issue. The launcher and game should run anyways. You will need to patch your game manually though. 

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