How to find your game version

Where do I find my game version ?

The game has a game or version number which shows to what patch level you are updated.

The version number can be found in the launcher

Vor Patch 1.55

The red part shows the version number of the latest EP installed. Since Patch 1.24 this number will not increase anymore if you patch. It will only increment when you install a new EP (the first number)

For patching only the version number of the base game is of interest. To find out what version you have, hover over the little base game icon in the lower left corner of the launcher. This is your current patch level / version number.

Nach Patch 1.55

The red part shows the version number of the base game


What does the version number consist of ?

The first digit(s) tell you for which EP the version number is

List of Game umbers
Each game has an associate number as shown below. This is the order in which the games were released.
  • 1 = Base game
  • 2 = World Adventures
  • 3 = High-End Loft
  • 4 = Ambitions
  • 5 = Fast Lane
  • 6 = Late Night
  • 7 = Outdoor Living
  • 8 = Generations
  • 9 = Town Life
  • 10 = Pets
  • 11 = Master Suite
  • 12 = Showtime
  • 13 = Katy Perry Sweet Treats
  • 14 = Diesel
  • 15 = Supernatural
  • 16 = Seasons
  • 17 = 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack
  • 18 = University Life
  • 19 = Island Paradise
  • 20 = Movie Stuff Pack
  • 21 = Into The Future

Next is the version of the patch. When talking about the patch, only the first two digits are mentioned.

The last two digits are the region code.

What’s the region code ?

Region codes help to find out how and where the game was bough.

Region Codes

Base Game/World Adventures

  • 01 = US
  • 02 = Worldwide (incl. New Zealand and Australia)
  • 03 = Asia
  • 05 = Japan
  • 17 = Digital Download

From High-End Loft

  • 01 = DVD-Version
  • 17 = Digitaler Download

The country region codes were dropped after WA, since there were  issues with mixing regions.

To make sure you don’t run into issues, WA needs to have the same region code as the base game but all others can be mixed and matches as you please (expect the Steam-Version which can only be mixed with Steam).

If you install manual incremental patches, make sure the region code of your base game matches the patch.

How can I find my version number without the launcher ?

The version number can be found in the file skuversion.txt. The file is located in the [Installation Directory] \Game\Bin of the Expansions/Base Game folder

skuversion.txt (example)

GameVersion = Code:0.ML-1.0.1266 Asset:1.Content.ml.307 Thumbnails:1.Thumbnail.ml.3 TCC:1.TCC.ml.98

As an alternative you  can use the Dashboard Tool by Delphy or the Patch Downloader. Both tools show the version number.

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